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Valerie Glenn – 10/25/16

The Glenn Group is a 28-year-old advertising and public relations firm with offices in Las Vegas and Reno. The company, through its then-DRGM Advertising arm, was involved in the marketing of such newly opened Strip giants as MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay. The company’s clients also have included businesses in health care, financial services, home building, insurance and retail.

Valerie Glenn, the company’s chief executive officer, described her business approach in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun: “We take a lot of time to really understand (the) consumer because we always want to make sure we are representing the consumer’s point of view. I really believe that it’s not so much about what someone is trying to sell. It has everything to do with what somebody wants to buy, and if you are selling something that nobody wants to buy then everybody is in trouble.”

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Nevada Succeeds is the business voice for education, and we work with education professionals, policymakers, parents and the public to address the state’s educational and economic needs. We understand that 21st­ century education is an economic necessity—not just for individuals, but also for the businesses that ultimately employ the students produced by Nevada’s education pipeline. Through policy and advocacy, we work to bring immediate and continuous improvements to all schools and all students in Nevada.
At Nevada Succeeds, we believe that every student deserves an education that prepares them for success in today’s dynamic, globally competitive economy. Like our members in the business community, we achieve our goals by being flexible, innovative and pragmatic. We seek to be constructive, supportive partners in helping modernize Nevada’s public education system, and believe that the business community has both a moral obligation and economic imperative to contribute to the education conversation by advocating on behalf of smart, responsible reforms.

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Nevada Succeeds works to bring relevant information to education stakeholders.

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We are working with leaders in Education, Business and Government to find systemic, long-term solutions to improve our schools.

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Nevada Succeeds provides a unique and powerful tool to create the conditions for statewide education reform.

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