The Crisis: Early Childhood Literacy


As business leaders in education, Nevada Succeeds is looking for the best Return on Investment (ROI) for our education system: what really works, what truly moves the needle, and which investments matter most. Research shows that early literacy lays the foundation for all other learning to come, and that the 3rd grade is when a student transitions from learning how to read to using the act of reading as a tool to learn more advanced concepts. Nothing is more essential than supporting our schools to ensure every student is on track for reading success by the end of third grade.

The Crisis: Nevada’s Broken Teacher and Leader Pipelines

Nevada’s public education system, and Clark County School District in particular, is growing at a rapid rate while at the same time the nation’s teacher pool is shrinking. This exacerbates already difficult challenges for recruiting talented educators to meet the needs of the state. Additionally, many higher education institutions are unable to produce an adequate number of educators and alternative sources of teachers are not scaled to solve for all of the teacher vacancies in the state. CCSD, for example, is serving around 318,000 students, and began the school year with nearly 600 teacher vacancies.