Nevada is coming together for positive change. DC should pay attention.

When major figures in the education world debate policy, they usually start out with a gauzy declaration that it’s all about the children. Then they begin hurling insults. High-profile activists including union leaders and at least one member of Congress have tarred one another with choice epithets including slave master, murderer, bitch, charlatan, roach and bully bound for hell. And that’s just in the past six months. Behind the nasty rhetoric are substantive disagreements over important issues like charter schools, teacher evaluations and private school vouchers. But the substance tends to get lost in all the smack talk. (Read more at Politico)

While DC dysfunction reaches all time highs, Nevada is moving forward in the most positive ways. Education leaders and thought partners from across the state are coming together to solve the problems that face Nevada. But unlike DC where name-calling and point-scoring is valued more than anything else, Nevada’s families, teachers, principals and community partners are discussing the ways we can positively affect student outcomes, without the nastiness.


Washington should take notes.