Nevada Succeeds Congratulates CCSD Superintendent Skorkowsky

Nevada Succeeds is proud to congratulate the Clark County School District’s (CCSD) Board of Trustees for unanimously appointing Interim Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky to become the permanent Superintendent of CCSD last night. Last night, the Board of Trustees conducted an hour long impromptu interview of Mr. Skorkowsky addressing a wide range of issues facing Nevada’s largest district from English Language Learners to parent engagement to getting additional funding from the Nevada legislature. Despite having no prior knowledge of this interview, Mr. Skorkowsky stood up and exceeded our high expectations in excelling in this interview.

Nevada Succeeds is 100% behind Mr. Skorkowsky. We know that he faces a difficult job ahead, and we will be here to help him and support him moving forward as he builds his team to improve student achievement in Southern Nevada.