Nevada Succeeds meets with WCSD & UNR

On Monday, our team was in Reno to help facilitate a meeting between Pedro Martinez, the Washoe County School District Superintendent (WCSD) and Dean Ken Coll and his team from the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the revamping of the educational leadership program at the University.

At the meeting, Associate Professor Janet Usinger unveiled their tentative plan, entitled 626 Great Principals, with the goal of creating pathways for every school in the state to have a top-notch educational leader. The program UNR is designing will be based on a cohort-model. Each year, the program would accept approximately 20 students who have been identified by school districts as strong candidates for administration. The program will be selective in that the school districts will encourage more than 20 qualified applicants to apply for the program.

Currently, WCSD is working with UNR to create a five-year strategic plan to determine how many vacancies they will need to fill in their administration ranks in the coming years. UNR will be able to adjust their cohort-size to meet the needs of the district. However, the UNR program will serve more districts than just WCSD. The next step of this process will be to enter into discussions with superintendents in Lyon, Douglas, Carson City, Humboldt, and Elko counties to ensure that this program meets their needs. That way UNR can be well on its way towards improving the quality of leaders in Nevada’s schools.

Finally, WCSD and UNR have agreed to form a technical working group to ensure an ideal curriculum. This curriculum will move away from a compliance-based curriculum towards one that emphasizes dynamic, transformational leadership. There will be cross-departmental collaborations with the business school and the public affairs programs. Overall, this meeting is putting Northern Nevada on the road to continue improving student achievement by training the next generation of great school leaders