Nevada Succeeds provides a unique and powerful tool to create the conditions for statewide education reform.

In response to Nevada’s education crisis, a coalition of business and civic leaders has assembled to put the needs of students first and push for policies and practices that deliver results. Nevada Succeeds’ goal is to secure the resources, apply the strategy, and achieve the critical mass necessary to overcome the bureaucratic barriers that hinder great teaching, learning and achievement.  Nevada Succeeds works to achieve systemic change, by focusing on the most critical statewide policy issues.  Our objective is to ensure that Nevada’s education policies and practices are created and executed according to what is best for students, which simultaneously serves the best interests of the state’s business environment, economy and quality of life.

The numbers are startling, sad, and speak for themselves:

iconmonstr-pencil-9-icon-24 Over 75% of Nevada’s students DO NOT read, write, add or subtract at grade level, as measured by the Department of Education.

iconmonstr-pencil-9-icon-24 Proficiency levels are going down, year over year – the longer kids stay in our K-12 public education system, the further behind they get. In fact, 74% of 8th grade students in Nevada can not read at an 8th grade level.

iconmonstr-pencil-9-icon-24 Nearly 10,000 students did not finish high school in 2012, a graduation rate of only 62%. Their lost lifetime earnings? Over $2.8 billion.

iconmonstr-pencil-9-icon-24 Only 55.1% of Nevada’s high school graduates go on to attend college, despite the fact that a college degree is more and more important in today’s global, interconnected economy. This is the lowest percentage out of any state in the country.

iconmonstr-pencil-9-icon-24 Nevada’s achievement gap between ELL (English Language Learners) and the rest of the population continues to grow, and is the largest achievement gap in the country.

iconmonstr-pencil-9-icon-24 One of three children of color in Nevada will graduate from high school. African American and Latino/Hispanics drop out at twice the rate of their Caucasian peers.

iconmonstr-pencil-9-icon-24 Nevada ranks 47th nationally in college completion rate with 37%of students earn a bachelor’s degree within six years