Examining Nevada’s Education Priorities: Which Initiatives are Worth the Investment?

Executive Summary

Governor Brian Sandoval has proposed almost two dozen initiatives to help move Nevada’s education system into the 21st Century. Nevada Succeeds and The Guinn Center for Policy Priorities have co-authored a report that reviews empirical research to analyze which of these proposals are most correlated with improved student outcomes. Based on this review, the report ranks each initiative as high, medium, or low priority. The report finds that efforts to improve education outcomes do not work in isolation and that the quality of implementation is intrinsic to success. (February 2015)


Reforming Professional Development to Improve Literacy Outcomes in Nevada

Executive Summary

Nevada Succeeds and The Guinn Center for Policy Priorities argue that improving professional development for teachers is an essential driver for improving the quality of instruction and literacy outcomes for students. This paper explores current shortcomings in the professional development system and makes recommendations for improvement. It also examines how funds available for professional development are currently being used and makes recommendations for how resources can be reprioritized. (July 2014)


The Superintendent’s Executive Advisory Group

The “Ensuring Every Dollar Counts” initiative is a public/private partnership that includes community leaders and representatives of the Clark County School District, Nevada Succeeds, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, and the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance. The first-of-its-kind partnership between a major urban school district and community leaders shines a light on the school district’s $2.3 billion budget, and created three subcommittees to look at return on investment in schools, school district academic programs and school district departments. Nevada Succeeds President Brent Husson chaired the School Comparison Report Subcommittee, which compared school performance with the amount of money spent on each school. The subcommittee also looked at the individual student populations of each school. While some school districts and education experts have compared the return on investment of different school districts, this was the first time that business leaders have partnered with a school district. (December 2014)