Sandoval Legislative Priorities Results

During his State of the State Address, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval made ten promises related to education. Was the Governor able to fulfill his promises? Nevada Succeeds is keeping score of the Governor’s performance. Green points are successes; red points are failures; and blue points are unclear.

  1. The Governor mentioned that in 2011, the legislature passed performance-based standards for teachers. However, the implementation of this program has been delayed until 2015-2016 with SB 407. Also, the Teachers and Leaders Council has not yet developed the framework for these standards.
  2. He was able to secure the changes from 2011 that increased a teacher’s probation period before gaining tenure from 1 year to 3 years.
  3. The Governor claimed he was going to reinvigorate the State Board of Education. After the departure of Jim Guthrie, these changes are up in the air. There are new faces on the board, but many board members remain in discontent about the current direction of the board.
  4. The Read by 3 Bills (AB 161 and AB 164) both did not make it out of committee. This bill was the Governor’s top education proposal.
  5. The Governor was able to increase funding to pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs in at-risk schools.
  6. Teach for America was not funded through the Governor’s budget or another bill.
  7. The Jobs for America’s Graduate (JAG) program was included in the final education budget (SB 522).
  8. The Governor promised to be the first Governor in the history of the state to directly fund programs for English Language Learners (ELLs). He upped his original promise from 14 million dollars to 50 million over the course of the session.
  9. The Opportunity Scholarships Bill (SB 445) never received a vote in either house.
  10. The Millennium Scholarship Fund was given 15 million dollars in additional funds to be secure through 2018.

Overall, the Governor was able to get or maintain 5 of his 10 key education priorities. He failed to get 3 key items of his agenda passed, while 2 of his key 2011 education reforms remain uncertain to be implemented as time moves forward.