Nevada Succeeds is a nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of business leaders committed to improving the state’s education system. We work to ensure Nevada’s P20 Education System provide students with the knowledge, skills and behaviors they need to succeed in the competitive global economy.

We strive for a day when businesses relocate to Nevada for its excellent education system. We know that our great state can only get there when all of our children are educated to their fullest potential and our businesses have the talented and innovative workforce they need to thrive.

We believe education is everyone’s business. We know that when Nevada’s schools improve, everybody wins.

Nobody understands the intersection of education, business and government better than Nevada Succeeds. We put this unique skill set to work every day—clearing obstacles to a better education system so that improvement and innovation can take hold and flourish. We know change doesn’t happen overnight and results take time, but that reality never stops us—it only spurs us on.

We are leaders.


We’re everywhere in the community, rolling up our sleeves, making things happen – moderating the conversation, testifying at the Legislature and championing innovations that benefit Nevada’s students and employers. We help prepare our leaders to confidently advance the business perspective and help place them where their voices matter the most. We are the go-to source on education and talent issues for our members’ companies.


We convene great minds from all sides of the education discussion – business leaders, education experts and policymakers – to establish a statewide agenda for significant results. We build broad and diverse coalitions to identify, replicate and scale successful educational models and promising innovations. We cut through the clutter and clear a statewide path for transformative developments in early literacy, educator effectiveness and workforce readiness for all students.


While politicians may come and go, the business community is here to stay. We take the long view, well-beyond election cycles, keeping an eye on what’s best for schools and our community. As business leaders, we have a natural aversion to partisan gridlock, so we’re not bipartisan, we’re non-partisan; true problem solvers committed to collaboration and continuous improvement. We fight to bring our education system into the 21st Century to prepare our students for success in a world that we can’t predict.